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    Welcome to ~ changzhou mengheng electronic technology co., LTD

    National Service Hotline: 0519-86869218

    Customer case Hand in hand to create the future with you
    Four advantages to bring you a full range of protection Focus on every detail, because we better understand your needs
    • Brand strength01

      It has been 14 years since its establishment on November 28, 2007

      Implement the service concept of "developing quality products for customers"

      On the basis of continuous summary and innovation, we strive to develop into a first-class enterprise at home and abroad

    • Product strength02

      Keep improving on product development

      In order to develop more advanced, more perfect products to return the user's love

      Products are widely used in: ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic pharmaceutical, ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic metal welding, ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic solid grinder, etc. At the same time can provide CNC machine tools, engraving machines, knitting machines, embroidery machines, textile machinery and electrical equipment control system.

    • Production strength03

      Has a rich experience of the development team

      With "innovation, development and efficiency" as the guiding ideology

      He has made remarkable achievements in electronic circuits, automatic control and software programming

    • Quality Assurance04

      Select brand raw material suppliers, control the quality from the source

      Full set of high-end testing equipment, capable quality inspection technical team

      Each batch of products is fully tested and detailed test data reports are provided

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    about us Have a development team with rich experience in electronic circuits, automation control, and software programming


    Pursue excellence, harmony and win-win

    Changzhou meng heng electronic technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as meng heng electronics) was established on November 28, 2007. It has a history of 14 years. The company is located in Room 401, Unit B, Building 23, New Power Industrial Park, No.1 Qingyang North Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City.

    Mengheng electronics has a development team with rich experience in electronic circuits, automation control and software programming, and strives for excellence in product development, in order to develop more advanced and more perfect products to return the love of users.

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